PCB production with fast delivery across Russian Federadion
Urgent PCB manufactoring in compliance with international IPC standards. Supplied with 100% final inspection of products.
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Fabrication with delivery to the office
A comprehensive approach of manufacturing allows us to provide a high level of service with a guarantee of high results.
Development, prototyping
according to the provided technical
Run in a serial batch
with 100% final inspection and acceptance by customer representatives
across Russia by CDEK services, Business lines, etc.
A wide selection of single and multilayer (up to 40 layers) configurations using high quality materials and components from trusted suppliers.
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All products are subject to control after key manufacturing operations and at the final stage of production. The quality conforms to the requirements of international IPC standards.
Manufactured according to standards
- check on technological effectiveness;
- DFM analysis;
- trace of the printed circuit board;
preparation of the project for production: programming of the surface-mount line, programming of the AOI, preparation of the equipment and stencils(patterns), purchase of components.
Preparation of the PCBs' projects
- installation on the line of automated mounting;
- the whip and space-wired interconnections of printed circuit boards;
- manual mounting;
- selective soldering;
- bundles \connectors;
- press fitting of connectors;
- preforming of outputs;
- scrub of printed circuit boards.
Printed circuit board assembly and testing
- AOI system;
- X-ray monitoring;
- Visual quality check;
- intra circuit (ICT, inter circuit testing) monitoring;
- functional monitoring and peripheral scanning
- climatic, mechanical, vacuum and other types of testing.
2 days
4 days
We carry out the installation of boards with the provided components of the customer, and with the products of well-known world brands with a preliminary selection in accordance with the technical specifications
With your components or ordered
Printed circuit boards production
in compliance with the technical specifications
Purchase electronic components
or shipping your components and checking them for compliance
PCB Mounting
with customer components or products of well-known brands with output quality control
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about the complex manufacturing of PCB
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АО "Ленэнерго"
Изготовление и монтаж кабелей для системы управления подстанцией закрытого типа в г. Санкт-Петербург
Зачистка, резка и обжим наконечников оптоволоконных жгутов
Reliable supplier of electronic components
El-Invest is a certified manufacturer and suppleir of electronic components.
We provide fast and quality service, technical support for our customers, we find the optimal solutions for customer needs
Compatibility, efficiency and quality
We offer optimal pricing solutions for your business
We produce according to your technical requirements
We provide fast delivery by services: CDEK, Деловые линии, etc.
Flexible pricing
Individual approach
Fast delivery
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Among our clients are power plants, industrial plants, civil engineering and service companies, shipyards and wholesale traders
Our clients and partners
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We offer high perfomance
certified products
Office in Saint-Petersburg:
508 office, 74A, Ligovskiy avenue

8 (812) 907-11-98
8 (800) 200-06-00

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